The Denomination of Controlled Origin is the system estabelished in Portugal of protected designation of origin, used for wines, cheeses, butters and Portuguese agricultural products.

In addition to protecting the designation of origin, the DOC also seeks to ensure the quality level associated with the specified region wines, including by establishing authorized and recommended varieties, methods of vinification, the minimum alcoholic strength yields per hectare and the period or bottle aging in oak casks.

To ensure compliance with established standards, producers must submit samples of their wines to wine regional commissions for regular evaluation. 

Wines&Co only trade  wines,which, quality is checked regularly by independet laboratories.

After quality control then the wine is released for consumption.Any wine cointaining any other conservative, chemical, that is not legaly estabelished by Portuguese Wine Comission, will not be traded By Wines&Co.

All wines have on the back label, all information about content:

Alcohol level and Sulphites.


Any other questions about Portuguese Wines please contact us:


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Portuguese Ministery of Agriculture